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Welcome to Property Investor’s Coaching Academy (PICA). Established in 2011, PICA offers an exciting range of property investment services that will help you to have a successful and enjoyable career in property investment. 

Our mentors have been at the forefront of the UK property market for over 50 years each having successful careers in property investment. Our aim is to help support you regardless of prior knowledge or experience to get started in property investment, to grow your property portfolio, increase profits and to enjoy the exciting journey of property investing.

How will PICA will help me through my
property investing journey?

A reasonable question! Here’s why….

My name is Peter Hogan. I have been in property, in one form or another, for 45 years. I have been in BTL (Buy To Let) investment for over 36 years and we have accrued a massive amount of experience over those years. I am a published author of two property investment strategy books and have trained hundreds of property investor students over the years in various strategies. I am a regular public speaker at events around the country.

I learned the hard way: when I started there was no information on BTL, no Gurus, internet, books, videos, investor meetings, coaching colleges or any other learning platform. Even BTL mortgages did not exist!

I took an idea, and turned it into reality.

I had an idea one evening. “Why don’t I buy another house and let the rooms out?” It was one of those ‘lightbulb’ moments. To cut a long story short,  just three weeks later I bought my very first investment property (using OPM – Other People’s Money – a strategy I stumbled on) followed another four weeks later by a second, and I went on from there.

One of the major business lessons I learned then was that procrastination is fatal. Spend too long thinking about a potential project and you can very easily talk yourself out of it. In business, speed is essential for success.

Today we are a successful property investment company still actively acquiring properties, but more than that, we are using our huge experience to teach and train others how to do the same.

You will have heard it said that you should learn from your mistakes, right?  WRONG! Learning from your mistakes is expensive in time and money and will set you back in your property journey, if not deter you altogether. Better by far to learn from someone else’s mistakes. I have made them so you don’t have to! Learn from us without risk!

Wherever you are on your property journey, you can bet I have been there, whether you are a beginner trying to unravel the myriad strategies available or an experienced investor trying to move up another notch, and our past and present students include the full range.

Whether you want capital growth, cash flow or both, we can help you to achieve your targets quickly and easily.

For a FREE 15 minute chat on how we can help you in your own particular situation, just contact us.

There will be no hype or heavy sell, just good, honest information.

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