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Our property investing webinars cover different aspects of property investing strategies. Please see below our most recent webinars.

There are 3 million residential landlords in the UK, which means that there are 3 million landlords who are missing out on the huge profits that commercial property investing can generate.

Wonder how the Rich pay so little tax? Wonder no more: it’s covered in this webinar, and you can learn how to join them and legally pay little or no tax on your portfolio…

How to make money during a recession is the world’s best-kept secret, and making money from PROPERTY during a recession even more so. This webinar will open your eyes to a route to becoming wealthy you never even imagined…

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Yes, it’s true! 100% true. One Guy (ME, in fact) got around £30 million of land and property completely FREE, and you can do it too…

It’s all down to a little-known law called The Law of Adverse Possession, which has been in force since William the Conqueror, that allows anyone to claim empty or deserted land or property as their own, and claim full legal title.

This strategy really will blow you away!

Free money? Almost! Look, the whole point about being a property investor is NOT to own property! It’s to MAKE MONEY! Property just happens to be the vehicle.

Lease options are the method Donald Trump used to build his fortune in property, and you can learn about them here…

Free Money
Killer Negotiation Techniques

Business is how you make money, and business is just people talking to other people. Simple, right? It doesn’t matter if it’s oil giants doing a deal, companies doing deals, or you’re buying a pizza, it’s just people talking.

The skill, though, is in the negotiation: how to get the best deal for yourself without giving too much away.

In this webinar we explain the secrets to always getting the best deal…

The Internet, Covid, working from home; there have been massive changes in the Commercial Property market in the last few years, with office blocks standing empty in every town and city in the UK.

But with change comes opportunity, and right now there are opportunities in the Commercial to Residential area that are unprecedented in UK property investing…

Commercial to residential

The days when the only way of building a property portfolio was by the laborious, expensive, time-consuming route of saving for a deposit, jumping through all the bank’s hoops, getting a mortgage, and waiting for the equity to rise then repeating are gone.

There are now many strategies and here we discuss the pro’s and con’s of buying, Rent-2-Rent and Lease Options…

No, not a marmalade sandwich, a Property Sandwich!

We’re talking about Sandwich Lease Options here: a strategy that completely gets rid of that plague of landlords: the rogue tenant, and give you the tenant of your dreams…

We’ve had many Mentees over the years who have had some notable successes, like Richard, who negotiated deals worth over £250,000 in fees in just 18 months, and Freddy, who became a property millionaire in just 2 years, to say nothing of Max, who got 14 properties for FREE in just 4 months!

It’s in the webinar…