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The Great Recession Part 4

One of the big casualties of any recession is of course property, and during the 2008 recession the housing market took a big hit.

Hundreds of thousands of jobs were lost, which meant that thousands and thousand of people could not afford their mortgage, and faced repossession.

The market was flooded with BMV (below market value) properties offering an amazing opportunity for investors to clean up.

The big spanner in the works was the banks: they had stopped giving mortgages, unless you could prove you didn’t need one, and so nobody could take advantage of the situation and buy those properties.

Similarly of course, as no-one could buy, the homeowners couldn’t sell, and thousands of them lost their homes and went bankrupt.

It was chaotic: Rightmove was flooded with property deals that

no-one could take advantage of!

Except me.

Houses for sale
Free Money

Because I had discovered Lease Options, I had found a way to take control of the about-to-be-repossessed properties without actually buying them, so the fact that mortgages were not accessible was not a problem.

I got 48 properties in my first seven months!

Unfortunately I found out about lease options too late to take full advantage, but I had a couple of years of amazing investing!

Yes, I used them to great effect, and made a lot of money, but I’ve spent the time since the end of the last recession planning for this one. Now it’s coming, and I’m going to clear up with a vengeance!

Want to join me?

A few lucky people out there will have the opportunity to join with Jon and I to create a massive business, all on the back of a recession that will destroy those who don’t have the foresight or knowledge to benefit from what is, in effect, a massive opportunity.

Keep a lookout for my next mails and blogs, because I will be going into more detail about this strategy, how it works and how to set it up

Properties for £1 Book

I will also be offering a course called “Lease Options For The Recession” where those people smart enough to see the possibilities can learn how to implement this strategy and benefit from this great opportunity.

This won’t just be a ‘Lease Options’ course. We will cover the strategy, obviously, but we will also cover specifically how to set up your business in a way that takes advantage of the recession, and how to get the banks on your side.

No-one else is teaching this, because no-one else knows it!

Get in there first and be at the top of the tree…!


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