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The Great Recession Part 3

Ideally you will be working with me through my Personal Mentoring Programme, but if you decide to go it alone you will still need to follow the same steps.

In the overall plan we identify homeowners who are facing repossession, but not yet repossessed, and offer them a solution to stop the repossession going ahead.

Yes, they will still need to leave their home, but the fact that they can’t afford the mortgage is what got them into the problem they are facing in the first place, so staying on in the property with no prospect of fulfilling their future mortgage obligations is obviously a no-no.

However, we can do a double-deal here, because we can find them a new home and profit from that! Also, we can offer them the chance to take back their home in the future if and when their financial situation improves, which is a huge relief to them.

Stopping the repossession also stops any bankrupt proceedings as a result of the repossession, and the potential of divorce and a breakup of the family, which is often a consequence of repossession and bankruptcy.


As part of our training we show you how to find both pre-repossession properties and motivated-seller properties, both prime targets for Lease Option deals, which is what we will use.

We will train you in Lease Option until you know them backwards, including the contract itself and how it works. I can’t stress enough how important that is, because if you don’t know what’s in a contract how on earth can you negotiate the deal! Amazingly, every other Lease Option ‘teachers’ cop out when the subject of the contract comes up, telling their attendees to “Just do a Heads of Terms and give that to your solicitor”.

That is fatal. I have seen every other lease option contract that I am aware of out there, and apart from the very few solicitors that we recommend, every one of those contracts is not fit for purpose, and some downright dangerous. We explain all about that in our training, and we give you the contracts and all the associated paperwork so that you know you have the right tools for the job.

At the same time we train you to become top dogs at negotiation. Most people baulk at paying to go on negotiation courses in fact, because they think that either it’s a waste of money or they don’t need the training. Believe me, they do, as does practically every person I’ve ever met, even (and sometimes especially) those currently in sales jobs!

Now, suitably armed, we help you to secure your first Lease Option deals and help you to sell those deals on, for anything up to £20,000 each, depending on the deal, allowing you to quickly recoup your outlay for our training.

Alongside this we help you in setting up your business in a professional way, with a professionally designed website (made for you by our specialist Jon).

Now, imagine the banks, in the depths of the recession, contacting you and giving you their problem mortgages to sort out so that they, hopefully, don’t have to go the repossession route!

Imagine the kudos and respectability that comes with that, and the sheer amount of business that would bring!

Perhaps you can imagine now the scale of this opportunity. It’s not about just going out and getting a few properties, it is a massive business opportunity that you need to consider carefully, and weigh the cost of our mentoring against what you (and us, potentially working together) could create during the recession, and positioning for the entire future in property investing. No contest, right?

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