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The Bee...


I was attending a course in an hotel a while ago when I suddenly noticed a life-or -death struggle that was taking place just a few feet away from me.

A bee was inside the hotel, and it really, really wanted to get outside. He probably figured it was going to be be easy because, well, he could see his goal. Right there. On the other side of the window, was his objective. It was the garden, filled with flowers and pollen that he really, really wanted.

He tried. Boy did he try. He kept backing off and flying head first into the glass. Occasionally he would stop and walk over the glass, inspecting it, then he would start his mad assault again. He tried and failed countless times, and each time he failed he tried harder and harder, not realising that each failed attempt, each extra surge of energy was, in fact, having the exact opposite result to his aim. Instead of reaching his goal, he was becoming weaker and weaker.

Whilst this was going on I was listening to the speaker, who was telling us that in order to succeed we needed a “reason why”, and to “take action”.

The bee was confused. If he could think, he was probably wondering where it all went wrong. I mean, he had a goal. He was absolutely focussed on achieving that goal. He even had a ‘Reason Why’ – he had to do his bit for the hive! He was committed and working harder and harder, not realising that he, and his dreams, were going to die right there on that window sill.

He didn’t know, of course, what glass was. He thought that because he could see his goal and knew where it was and that he wanted to reach it, that taking action and working harder and harder would get him there. That invisible wall was his undoing. He would never make it.

Had he had enough foresight to stand back and take a look at his dream from a new perspective, he might have realised that not far away was another set of windows, one of which was open. His dream, his goal, was just a few wing-beats away. He just remembered what he had been told:

Just work harder, commit yourself and focus on your goal…

I see many, many speakers and read a lot of books, and I’ve lost count of the times that I have seen that kind of stuff all over the place.

It’s fine as far as it goes, but it neglects the one fundamental problem that 98% of the population face. The glass window. Or, in our case, our limiting beliefs.

Our limiting beliefs sit in our subconscious mind and affect every aspect of our life. We can have many, or few, and they can block our route to success, without us even realising we have them, or why “Other people can do it, but it doesn’t work for me”!

Limiting beliefs are formed in our subconscious mind at any time in our life, but mostly in our formative years, and they result from things our parents, teachers and siblings say and do. A typical example is a wealth limiting belief.

If you had people saying to you, as you were growing up, things like “Money can’t buy happiness”, “Money is the root of all evil”, “The filthy rich” and so on, you are almost certain to have a wealth limiting belief. You go through your life, and your subconscious mind, without you having a clue what is going on, is constantly choosing between money and happiness, and it almost always chooses happiness, not realising that you can have both: that money can, indeed, buy happiness. Not just for you and your family, but for other people too.

Your beliefs – both limiting and affirming, determine your life course. Your Programme. Your direction through life. Any deviation from that course (such as winning money, losing a few kilos of weight) is only a temporary deviation from your life’s course, and your subconscious mind will work to establish the status quo: you will lose the money, put the weight back on etc. etc.

For a change to be permanent, you need to change the Programme first, and that means recognising, identifying and eliminating your limiting beliefs!

On our mentoring programme we don’t just teach strategies, we identify the root problems that all of us face and address them, making success more assured…

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