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Hi, I’m Richard Boxford, and I want to share with you my amazing experiences over the last 16 months or so.

I met Peter at a property investor’s meeting early in 2018 and was impressed with what he said, so I decided to join his Personal Mentoring programme.

I knew it would be good but I wasn’t expecting the depth and the detail in the training. The negotiation techniques in particular were amazing.

Well, I did three deals in the first three weeks, and I haven’t looked back. I was learning and refining all the time and now I have it all off pat, and now I have done over thirty deals worth in total £230,000. My first commercial deal was worth £75,000! Not bad for one deal…

So, now I want to show you exactly what Peter taught me, and show you how you can go out and start making deals almost right away.

I’m hosting a Deal Sourcing Masterclass on Saturday 19th October at the Hilton Hotel, Milton Keynes and I’d love you to come along and learn from me. I promise you a fabulous day.

Peter, my mentor, will be there for a time as well, so you’ll be able to have a chat with him.

Like Peter says, it doesn’t matter what strategy you want to get into in property investing, it all begins with finding a deal: if you can’t find deals, you don’t have a business, simple as that.

Come along and turbo-charge your property investing business like I did – you’ll thank me for it!

Normal price for tickets is £497, but I’m selling some as Early Bird tickets for £397, so if you book early you save £100!!

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Oh and by the way, I’m offering a full, no-quibble, money-back guarantee as well, so there’s no risk!