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Property Sourcing Deal Masterclass

It doesn’t matter what your strategy is, BMV, options, R2R, title split, flips, the whole thing starts with having a deal in front of you. Without a deal you have nothing to work with and no way of doing business.

So, you need to to be able to source deals! Simple hey?

Well yes. And no…

If it were that simple everybody would be sourcing deals for themselves and nobody would be buying them. The fact is that 95% of investors out there don’t source their own deals, because either they don’t know how, or the don’t have the time or too lazy etc etc.

This is where you come in…

Sourcing property deals is not difficult. On the contrary, it’s very easy and can make you ridiculous amounts of money. Richard, one of our students, completed deals worth over £250,000 in sourcing fees in just 18 months. Just one deal, a commercial one, was worth £75,000! You’ll always have a ready market, too. Deals typically sell within hours of being advertised.

So whether you want to make a business out of sourcing and selling deals or you want to source deals for your own business ventures, being a good sourcer is paramount.

Our Property Sourcing Masterclass covers everything you need to know to to immediately go out and find your own deals. We teach you the right negotiation skills and show you how to package the deals. All your paperwork and contracts is included – no need to pay for solicitors! We can even find buyers for you!

This training is the core of property investment: it is absolutely essential that you can find and negotiate the best deals.

We cover this in depth on our Personal Mentoring Programme. Please Contact Us for a chat…