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Freddie’s Story

Who the hell is Freddie Rayner? I hear you ask.

Well, I’ll tell you. He’s an ex student of mine. Some years ago Freddie came to me and asked to join my Personal Mentoring Programme. He wanted to learn about property investing, but had absolutely no experience or knowledge of how to go about it.

He joined my 12 month Personal Mentoring Programme and got stuck in. Now, Freddie is a do-er. He doesn’t sit around thinking about stuff, he gets stuck in and does it. He takes action.

Freddie’s two favourite strategies were Adverse Possession and Lease Options. (This was back when these two strategies were barely known in the UK.)

Success came quickly. Property after property followed, and he didn’t buy a single one of them! He utilised the strategies and methods I taught him in my Personal Mentoring Programme. He didn’t try to re-invent the wheel, he just went out and did what I told him.

Today Freddie is wealthy. Very wealthy. He lives in a luxury detached residence and drives a £150,000 Bentley. As you are reading this he is relaxing in the sun in one of his villas in Spain. (Which he also got free)

Want to know more about the Personal Mentoring Programme that made Freddie so successful? It’s here:

Now, you can sit around and think about stuff, or you can take action. Without action your life will continue in exactly the same way it is going now. You might be happy with living in a nine-to-five rut, but somehow, I don’t believe it.

I think you want more out of life, for yourself and your family. You deserve success, but you won’t get it unless you do something positive.

So stop thinking about stuff and do a Freddie. Contact me today.

Kind regards,


PS: Our Personal Mentoring Programme is just that: Personal. Just you and me. You won’t be sitting in a classroom with thirty other students once a month learning stuff you’re not interested in.

PPS: We are members of the EMCC, (The European Mentoring and Coaching Council) for your protection and peace of mind.