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No More Problem Tenants!

Problem tenants: we’ve all had them, and let’s face it, they’re a curse in the daily life of a landlord, right?

I bought my very first BTL property way back in 1986, and believe it or not, the very first tenant I ever had turned out to be probably the worst one I have had in my 36 years of property investment!

The main problem is that you just can’t tell by looking at them. That first tenant was smart, polite, well dressed, had good references and seemed ideal. Within a week he turned into the tenant from hell, with nightly parties that upset not just the other tenants but the whole street as well. It took me a lot of time and money to get rid of him.

That got me thinking: just what is the ‘Perfect Tenant’, and where do we find them?

Well, I guess it’s pretty obvious what a perfect tenant is.


  • Always pays full rent on time

  • Pays up to 50% more than going rate

  • Pays you a moving – in fee

  • Keeps the place immaculate

  • Looks after all the maintenance

  • Re-decorates regularly (and pays for it!)

  • Increases value by adding extension, conservatory, etc

  • Never causes trouble/problems

  • Never wants to leave

  • There are never any voids

  • They eventually BUY the house from you – even

    though you don’t own it – and put a huge windfall of

    cash in your pocket.

That would be heaven, right? And even better if they exist…

Well, let me tell you that they DO exist, right down to that last point about buying a house from you that you don’t own, and you pocketing a financial windfall!

Seems crazy, but it’s true, and I’ll show you how to do it, right down to getting the property for almost nothing in the first place!

I recently hosted a webinar where I showed exactly how you can be rid of nightmare tenants forever, make loads more money and forget about management fees and Rent-2-Rent landlords…

Here it is:  watch, enjoy and be amazed…!


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