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PICA Monthly Meetings

Virtual meetings where you can meet, network and learn...

Why join our monthly virtual PICA meeting?

If you’re thinking of joining any property investing meeting then it suggests that you have ideas about becoming involved in property investing at the very least. On the other hand, you may be a seasoned investor looking to expand your business. Either way, property investor meetings are a good idea.

When I bought my very first Buy-To-Let property way back in 1986, there was nowhere I could go to for help and advice. There were no property ‘Gurus’, no books, no meetings. In fact, BTL mortgages didn’t even exist! No comuters either, so you couldn’t Google for help!

I learned the hard way; by just jumping in and trying things. Some things worked, some didn’t, but one thing is certain; if there had been property meetings to go to and learn from, my own property journey would have been far quicker and far more profitable.

At the very least you will hear different, experienced property investors telling you their own inspiring story about their property investing journey, the mistakes they made and the lessons they learned. Mistakes and lessons you can learn from.

You can also benefit from networking with the host of new people there. Maybe you need a specialist solicitor? A RICS property surveyor? Secialist strategy investing advice? A builder? An electrician? Funds for investment?

We all need funds at some point, and property meetings are a good place to meet potential financial investors. Often there is way more money in the room than you would ever have guessed. You will only find out by networking and chatting.

Property networking events are a great way to build your knowledge, experience and self confidence, and are now considered an essential tool for investors.