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Property Investing For Beginners

Hi, welcome to our first PICA Blog – the first of many!

You know, when we Google ‘Property Investing’ on Google, we find that the most searched-for keyword is actually ‘Property Investing for Beginners’.

That actually doesn’t surprise us – if I was a property investing beginner, that’s what I’d type in.

Another very, very popular keyword is ‘When is the best time to invest in property?’

So we thought the best thing to do would be to answer both those questions, given that they are related.

We assume that people who type in ‘Property Investing for Beginners’ are trying to find out what they can, and that they’re not yet involved in property. Given the complexities in property investing these days, it’s not a bad move – find out what you can, what it costs, how you do it, where to do it, when to do it etc.

So let’s get right to the point. Property investing is a fantastic way to create income and grow a business, and the even better news is that you can do it without actually buying any property!

Always remember this: The reason for being a property investor is NOT to own property!


Property just happens to be the vehicle, that’s all.

Once you understand that first basic principle, then many, many doors will start to open.

For example, there is a strategy here in the UK that I discovered many years ago when reading a book by none other than Donald Trump. Here was a man who was investing in property in Manhattan, which can’t be the easiest place in the world, and he did it, and became a billionaire in the process, without buying properties!

He just controlled them using a particular property contract called a Lease Option.

His mantra is “Own Nothing, Control Everything”.

I was blown away when I read his story. It was one of those ‘lightbulb’ moments, but a lightbulb of about ten million watts!

To cut a long story short, but which you can read here, I introduced Lease Options to the UK, and, by trial and error, figured out how to make them work.

Today, many investors use them, and they are used for about 80% of all commercial property contracts, as well as for vehicles etc.

To illustrate how effective they are, consider that before Lease Options became available that the only way to acquire rights to a property was to buy one, which as you know takes a lot of money, time, patience and a crystal clean credit rating. Three months to buy a property is quick!

In my first seven months of using Lease Options, I acquired 48 properties, and the MOST I paid for any property was just £55, and I made a LOT of money…

Getting the message?

The best time to get into property investing in the UK, and anywhere really, is right now.

It is totally irrelevant what the economy is doing, or which way house values are moving. Unless your strategy is ‘flipping’ – buying cheap and selling dear, for which you need a rising market – your income will be from the rents from letting out either the property or rooms within the property, and there are more tenants than there are properties and rooms in this country.

I bought my very first Buy-To-Let property way back in 1986, and have traded through three major recessions. I have made far more money during the recessions than I ever did in the boom times!

You’ve no doubt heard of Grant Cardone – he was in the American TV series “Undercover Billionaire”. He didn’t start with wealth. In fact, for ten years he was a homeless drug addict, until he eventually got himself clean, got a job as a salesman, and went on from there.

His big thing, he says, is that too many people take too long going from an initial idea to taking action, during which time they have lost the deal to someone else or they have talked themselves out of it.

So, if you’re reading this because you want to get into property investment, don’t sit around overthinking It. It’s a great business to be in, as proven by it’s popularity, and you can make a lot of money. You don’t need a great credit rating either. In fact, even a bankrupt can build a huge portfolio!

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