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How I Got 48 Properties In Just 7 Months...

It’s true!

In January 2010 I learned what Lease Option contracts were by reading Donald Trump’s book ‘The Art of the Deal’ and was blown away. Here was a guy doing property deals in Manhattan without actually buying any property! It turned out that you can lease a property for a number of years – up to twenty, legally, and you have the option to buy it at any time within the lease period, at the value at the time of writing the contract! You also have the option to buy the contract, but not the obligation – you didn’t have to buy it if you didn’t want to, but if you did, the owner could not refuse. Crucially, you can also sell the property itself, or the contract, on to other people. I couldn’t believe how such a simple idea could make so much money. I was determined to make it work in the UK, and jumped right in.

Donald Trump

The first problem I faced was the contract: the idea was so new that no solicitor knew what it was or how to write one. I eventually found one willing to have a go and between us we cobbled up what we thought a lease option contract should be.

Then I hit the road. For six months I travelled the length and breadth of the UK, visiting estate agent after estate agent, and didn’t do a single deal.

Disappointed? Yes. Discouraged? NO!

Not getting a deal in six months with a completely new strategy didn’t make me a loser, but quitting would have!

I sat down over the Christmas holidays 2010 and dissected my strategy. I knew it would work, I just didn’t know, yet, how to make it work. I finally came up with a new angle: instead of going into estate agents and trying to get deals from them, I went in and showed them how I could help them make money.

Bingo! It worked. I did 48 deals in the next seven months and made a lot of money.  I then wrote my book, “How To Acquire Properties For Just £1 Each”, went on the speaking circuit talking about this new strategy and started running courses and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, most property investors know what lease options are, even if they aren’t doing them. (And they should be doing them!) 

Remember this: Lease Options are the closest thing to free money you will ever get!

The fact that you are reading this shows that you have an interest in becoming wealthier, and property is certainly one very good way to go.

You can learn how to use Lease Options by joining our course, but If you would like me to personally help you in your property journey, just contact me through my ‘Contact Us’ page. I’ll be glad to help.

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