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The End of Section 21...

...another brick in the wall?

The end of Section 21 is yet another move by the Government to make things ‘fairer’ for tenants – and never mind the landlords!

The Renters’ Reform Bill will include sweeping reforms to the private rented sector, a national register of landlords as well as an abolishment of Section 21 notices.

The National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA)’s Chief Executive Ben Beadle said: “We welcome the Government’s acceptance that reforms to the rented sector need to strengthen the ability of landlords to tackle anti-social tenants and those with repeated rent arrears.”

Whilst we support proposals for an Ombudsman to cut the number of possession cases needing to go the court, this cannot be a substitute for proper court reform as well. At present it can take almost a year for a private landlord to repossess a property through the courts where they have a legitimate reason to do so. This is simply not good enough.”

Meanwhile, Sadiq Khan has renewed calls for private rent control in the capital: The Government should have used the Queen’s Speech to address the eye-watering costs of renting by giving the Mayor powers to introduce a two year rent freeze in London, as a first step towards delivering rent controls that would make renting more affordable,” said the Mayor of London’s spokesperson.

What starts in London spreads throughout the country…

We know where this is leading, don’t we?

The ultimate aim is to take total control of the rental of properties away from the landlords and into the hands of the government.

All of a sudden, the fun is going out of being a Property Investor.

An attendee at one of my training webinars had a tenant who didn’t pay rent for 18 months! It cost him £5000 to get him out, (even with section 8,) he never did get the rent owing to him, and he had to refurbish the house as well!

Never mind the tenants, how is this fair to the Landlord?

Tenants aren’t fools these days – they know how to play the system, and it leaves the landlords – trying to build a business to support their own family – constantly fighting crippling bills trying to evict bum tenants who want to live rent-free.

It’s soul-destroying, and no doubt that many landlords will call it a day and quit – if they can ever get rid of their tenants so they can sell their properties!

That would be such a shame given that there is such a crazily simple solution available that not only gives the landlord total control, but the tenant doesn’t have that darn AST either!

And all completely legal!

If you’re worried about what the future brings, and what it means to you, your portfolio, your business and your family, click the link and watch my most recent webinar: (It’s the last webinar on the page, called “Fancy a Sandwich”)

It’s a way of getting absolutely the most out of your property deal, tenant-wise:

Like getting a tenant who always pays full rent on time (and that rent could be much higher than the going rate.)

Like a tenant who is happy to pay you a moving-in fee.

Like a tenant who does all the redecoration and maintenance. (And is happy to.)

Like a tenant who is so happy to be there they never want to leave.

Like not needing a management team to run your property for you.

Like a tenant who will BUY your property from you giving you a huge cash profit. (Even though you don’t own the property!)

And all that from a property you could have got for as little as £1…

Don’t let the Government rob you of all your hard work!