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The 'Student Lets' Course

Of one thing you can be sure: there are hundreds of thousands of students in the UK, and they all need somewhere to live!

So, as I always say, where there’s an opportunity, there’s profit, and there is certainly an opportunity here.

You can start this strategy using the Rent2Rent or Lease Options strategies to build your basic portfolio, and then after that it’s all about giving the students what they want/need in their accommodation.

So put yourself in their place: what would you need?

Well, knowing students (and I was one myself, once!) their first reqirement is a big, comfortable bed! Next on the list comes a comfortable chair and a telly, followed by a desk and chair set and, of course, a fast broadband setup

Student asleep

A microwave and electric kettle pretty well cements their in-house requirements, but, probably most important of all, be careful about how far away from their uni your HMO/student let is. Students are soooo lazy and just do not want to walk more than 30 steps so the closer you are, the better!

From a business point of view, when you acquire your properties and start to advertise the rooms is critical, and remember that holiday time now accounts for around 98% of total uni time. (just kidding, but you know what I mean!)

If you’d like to attend our course, simply fill in the form below and we will contact you, or you can go ahead and register and pay now using the button below and we will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient date. The course fee is £497 and you will receive a thorough grounding in everything you need to know about building a highly profitable student let business, including not making the one HUGE mistake almost all budding investors make, and how to profit from their mistakes!

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