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The Serviced Accommodation Course

Serviced Accommodation is just what the name suggests: it is accommodation, usually short-term, which is fully furnished, cleaned and maintained by the landlord on a daily basis.

Now, you might be asking why on earth you, as a landlord, would want to be cleaning your tenants rooms out every day.

The answer, of course, is profit. (Isn’t it always!)

You see, many people in business travel frequently around the country, and they may be staying in a town or city for more than just a couple of days – weeks or even months, sometimes, and the price of hotel rooms for that amount of time becomes prohibitive.

The answer then is Serviced Accommodation.

It works for the visitor, and of course it works for you too, in that your profits are much higher. You very often have return visitors as well, providing you are doing your job right!

Our course takes you through the entire strategy, from sourcing the right kind of accommodation, to furnishing, cleaning and maintenance, and to advetising and marketing your acommodation.

We also cover other not so well known problems with this kind of business, like illegal access, drug dealers and Ladies of the Night! Yes, it happens…

If you’d like to attend our course, simply fill in the form below and we will contact you, or you can go ahead and register and pay now using the button below and we will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient date. The course fee is £497 and you will receive a thorough grounding in everything you need to know about the Serviced Accommodation strategy.

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