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Negotiation Techniques Course

Killer techiques to close your property deals

We all need money; we can’t live without it, and the way we get that money is through business.

I’m a great believer in breaking things down to their basic building blocks; it makes life easier, and when you think about it, all business, no matter whether it’s governments talking to each other, big businesses in a takeover, or if you’re buying a pizza, is just people talking to each other.

Now, we talk to other people all day every day, so very few of us will find talking difficult, but in negotiation the key is what we say, when we say it and how we say it. And knowing when to shut up.

So, within negotiation there are strategies, which, when learned, can swing any deal in your favour, and it’s very important that you know them, otherwise you’ll be mincemeat when you’re trying to negotiate terms.

What is surprising is how so many people skip this part of business, thinking that they’re smart enough to outwit the other party in a deal negotiation, never knowing what the other party’s skills and training are.

Our Negotiation Course will put you right on track to clean up in business, and you will be truly surprised at what you learn, and then when you realise how often it’s been used against you!

If you’d like to attend our course, simply fill in the form below and we will contact you, or you can go ahead and register and pay now using the button below and we will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient date. The course fee is £497 and you will receive a thorough grounding in everything you need to know about Negotiation techniques. Make no mistake, this is essential knowledge if you want to eliminate the pain and expense of losing deals or coming away knowing you could have done much, much better if only…!

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