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Disabled Accommodation Course

We all know that renting out accommodation is a big money maker in property; it’s why we do it, after all!

It’s not all plain sailing though. We all know about those Terrible Tenants, and the havoc they can cause, to say nothing of the cost and time involved in having them evicted, but there is a better way; Disabled Accommodation!

The pros are; disabled tenants are likely to stay for much longer that other tenants, mainly because there is a dire shortage of disabled accommodation across the country.

Also, you can hand them over to the housing or social services side of your local council to run them for you, and they will be delighted – there is always an acute shotage of such accommodation, and once they have signed the contract, they will pay you full rent even if the accommodation is empty!

Even better, disabled accommodation normally attracts a higher rent than standard accommodation, up to 50% higher, so you are hands off management-wise and with higher profits!

The cons are that it’s not cheap to convert a property for disabled living, especially if an elevator is required, but once done, it’s there for life and the council love it!

This is a strategy that has many benefits, particularly with commercial to residential conversions.

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