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The Law of Adverse Possession is well-entrenched in Common law, having been introduced at the time of William the Conqueror (1066 and all that)

What is it? Well, it’s a law (administered by The Land Registry) that states that if you can hold land or property adversely (without permission) for either ten or twelve years, depending on whether it is registered or unregistered, you can claim full legal title to it. Once you have the title, it is yours, and you are free to do as you like with it!

In a nutshell, any empty or abandoned houses, buildings or plots of land could be yours – for FREE! The law says that they should not be left empty and lets you claim them as your own!!!

Interestingly, you can profit from the land or property during the waiting period. In fact, the laws states that you should treat the land or property as if it were your own, so you can rent it out, for example.

Some years ago I took possession of a parcel of land in West London valued today, conservatively, at £25m. Yes, I have to wait twelve years, but twelve years will pass, and what value do you think it will have then? It’s mine, and it didn’t cost me a penny!

The law says that land and property should not stand idle: it should be owned and used. In this country in particular, with our huge housing demand and shortage, it is outrageous that property and land is allowed to stand empty and deteriorate.

So, the Law is the Law; it is black and white and you cannot argue against it. The law says that adverse possession is legal, right and proper, so let us take advantage of it to build wealth!

At this point I should emphasize that I do not advocate depriving anyone of their property or land. We spend a considerable amount of time, sometimes, attempting to trace the owners, and we only claim land or property where there are no traceable owners or heirs.

As a member of our Private Mentoring Programme You will learn: The law, it’s history, how it works and what it means. Case histories precedents. Bona Vacantia. The Treasury Solicitor. Finding, sourcing properties and land. Dealing with councils and Empty Properties Officers. The Freedom of Information Act and the Data Protection Act. Taking possession legally. Gaining entry. Using the property and legal obligations. How to trace the owners. Legal requirements during the possession. How to claim for registered property/land. How to claim for unregistered property/land. The Squatter’s Law.

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NOTE;  To my knowledge I am the ONLY person teaching this strategy in the UK (if not the world), and am widely accepted as an expert on the subject

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