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Property Investment Training Courses

All of our Property Investment Training Courses are 1 Day in duration and delivered online. They are delivered by mentor Peter Hogan and are complete: meaning there is no ‘upsell’ – you get everything you need on the day, including all paperwork and contracts appropriate for the course you are attending (and which can cost up to £2000 + vat from a solicitor.) 

Our cost per delegate is £497 for all courses except the Beginners Course which is £397 and the Adverse Possession and Lease Option courses which are £697.

Note: People offering courses that take 2 or 3 days are padding them out in order to charge more. You can comfortably learn everything you need in one day. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a 3 day course that costs £1500 is better!

*For course dates and to book your place on our preferred course, email 


Our List of Training Courses (Click the link in the menu bar to learn more)

  • Beginners Course 
  • Negotiation Techniques 
  • Deal Sourcing 
  • Rent 2 Rent 
  • Adverse Possession 
  • Lease Options 
  • HMO’s
  • Commercial to Residential 
  • Disabled Accommodation 
  • Serviced Accommodation 
  • Student Lets 

When I was 20 I left Manchester and went to live in Jersey.

Jersey is a beautiful Island with many very rich residents. One hot sunny afternoon in 1969 I was in the Royal Square, in St. Helier, when I spotted a brand new, top of the range Rolls Royce.

I was admiring the car when I noticed the number plates. Not Jersey plates but British. They read: ‘2 EASY’.

I was blown away. I loved it. Here was a guy who had no qualms about showing not only his wealth, but presumably how easy it was for him to make money.

I never forgot that Roller. I often wondered about the guy, who he was and what he did to make money so easily.

17 years later I found my own way.

In March 1986 I bought my first BTL property, a 4 bed house in St Helier for £24,000. Four weeks later I bought another for £35,000. All with Other People’s Money.

Yes, I stumbled upon OPM as a strategy, and I never looked back.

That first house, that I bought for £24k, I sold 18 months later for £96,000. That’s when I knew how good property was as a money spinner.

I was coining it. I used to go home in the evening and say to my wife: “You know, I can’t understand why everybody isn’t doing this. It’s just toooo easy!

And I smiled, because now I could have that Roller, if not the number plate.

I didn’t buy a Roller (not my style) but I did have the cars, the clothes, TWO(!) gold Rolexes, a 7-seat Piper aeroplane, holidays…

In those days there was no information about property investment available whatsoever. BTL mortgages didn’t even exist and nor did computers! I was totally on my own, finding out as I went along, and making many mistakes along the way.

Still, I found it easy then, 36 years ago, but it’s even easier now!

There are so many strategies around and so many ways to profit from property that there really is no excuse for not succeeding.

Having said that, it amazes me how many people still manage to grab failure from the jaws of success, and yes, I see it all the time.

To ensure you do it right from the very beginning, why not enrol on one or more of our property Investing Courses and learn from me, personally, how it should be done?

I made the mistakes so you don’t have to!

Just hover over the ‘Courses’ button to see the list of our current courses.

Alternatively, you could join our Personal Mentoring Programme and have me hand-hold you through the maze that is Property Investing today, with quicker and more easily achievable results.

Your successful career in property investment starts here!

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