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Donald Trump made Me Rich…

This book is about a fascinating strategy that I discovered in 2010 about how you can build a property portfolio without actually buying any property! It was big in the USA at the time, but no-one in the UK had heard of them. To cut a long story short, (but which you can read about in the book), I started using Lease Options in this country and was spectacularly successful, and now they are a popular way of taking control of property with very little money in order to maximise profit. 

Digital book just £4.99. Click the button to pay and access.

Free Land and Property

is all about a little-known law in the UK that allows you to legally claim any amount of empty land and property as your own, and get full legal title. Read how I got a particular parcel of land in London worth £22 million completely free, and how you can do it too. Digital book £4.99.

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