Property investment mentoring

Property Investor's Coaching Academy (PICA)

Giving you the tools and knowledge to successfully invest
in the UK property market

More than 36 years of property investing experience!

Reserve Your Spot on this Property Masterclass to Discover How YOU Can Get

FREE Land and Property!

It just doesn't get any better than that!

Very few people have even heard of this strategy, let alone using it. Grab your chance to kick-start your property Investing career by building your portfolio with FREE property and land!

What you will learn on the day:

  • How to claim land and property as your

    own – completely legally and free

  • What the law is and how it works

  • How to claim beaches

  • How to claim Crown land

  • How to have the Crown solicitors help you

  • How to safeguard your land and property
  • How to build a MASSIVE portfolio FREE!

  The FREE Property Training

     Webinar is at 7.00 PM on

           Monday 30th May.



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